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        SLF-65 Negative pressure
        SLF-65 Negative pressure


          a. We adopt special line through fine manufacture to form new high-efficiency rotor vane. So the efficiency , capacity , pressure and so on have notable advance .
          b. The mostly pivotal elements are machininged by NC machine tool and inward machining center. The elements can interchange and their dimensions are accurate. The rotor is adjusted by digital dynamic balancing machine, so the equipment shake lowly.
          c.High quality & high precision gear wheel can be sure of running safely and having low noise.
          d.Many patents insure the machinery having high quality .The turning back silencer filters not only make noise low but also reduce bulk .The structure of strap automatic taking up of the combinational shelf and the bright color of the machinery make it tight、beautiful but also running steady and maintaining convenience.
           e. The company has passed ISO 9001-2000 quality authentication. Insuring the products having high quality.

        2.Application :
          Typical applications include: rinse tank agitation, removing trim waste and scrap, aquatic product breed aquatics, jar for liquid machine, vacuumize, kiln blast, chemical industry flow, fuel atomization, fume removal gas sampling and purification, man-madding billow etc.

        3.Pressure performance curve    Vacuum performance curve

        4.Pressure table      Vacuum table