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        1.Principle and Characteristic:

          The impeller is made of decades vanes,when the impeller revolves, air between the vanes is driven by centrifugal force from the vane root outward to the vane tip, into the annular area between the vane and the housing and back to the vane root again. The circular motion, coupled with the rotation of the impeller, forces the air into a spiralling forward motion.The repeated passing of the air through the vanes results in increased energy transfer from the impeller to the air. By the time the air arrives at the exhaust port, it has reached a pressure twelve to seventeen times than the centrifugal blower which has the same diameter and rotational speed.
          Special purpose motor is used, needn't other transmission,the only contacting moving parts are two ball bearing assemblies.This product has many advantages such as oil free, small size, light, low noise, simple structure.


          Regenerative blower is a dual-purpose air generator, both blowing and suction. Typical applications include: materials transport and hold-down,paper cutting machine,air pressure for high efficiency combustion systems,aeration for sewage and wastewater treatment, removing trim waste and scrap, plating, cleaning and rinse tank agitation, pneumatic conveying of palletized or granular materials, pressure and vacuum for packaging machines, bakery and food processing equipment, air knives for liquid and particle blow-off, air bars and bearings for printing industry web control, air bearings for tape and film,fume removal gas sampling and purification,screen process press,etc.

        3.Operation and Maintenance:

          a.The pump should be placed on solid smooth ground,and the surroundshould be clean, well ventilated and cooling.
          b.Ensure the running direction of motor is same as the arrow.
          c.As the only contacting moving parts are two ball bearing assemblies,oil them regularly.(7018 grease)
          d.After a period of running,check the filter net and silencer, clean it to ensure it's clear.
          e.The outlet of the blower should be linked with the outer tube by the reinforced rubber hose(or plastic hose).


        4、Suction and blowing diagraph of XGB series regenerative pumps

        5、Table of Regenerative Pump Specifications

        6、Table of Regenerative Pump Price

        7、Table of Regenerative Pump Price